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    my sister loves profiteroles Petit Four Glacé in mint green with candied rosebud garnishing top. Petit Four Glacé in the shape of a heart. Lemon drizzle. Petit Four Glacé in frost blue with buttercream flower decoration. Petit Four Glacé in lilac purple, dipped in chocolate, garnished with an oversized dragee. Petit Four Glacé in snow pink, garnished with maraschino cherry. Petit Four in the shape of a star, filled with raspberry jam and covered with lemon curd. Petit Four Biscuit, sandwiched by milk chocolate and a toasted almond. Petit Four Chou à la Crème, filled with rose custard and crowned with a silver dragee. I think they're much cuter than eclairs Petit Four Glacé in fairy pink, adorned with a candied blueberry set in blueberry buttercream. Petit Four in the shape of a heart. Made of Marzipan, dusted in powdered sugar. Petit Four Gianduia Truffle, topped with a dark chocolate dipped raspberry. Petit Four of strawberry jam cake, covered with espresso glacé and topped with a peppermint nonpareil. Petit Four Glacé in dreamsicle orange, garnished with orange blossom buttercream. Petit Four chocolate covered strawberry. Petit Four miniature diamond-shaped Opera cake, crowned with golden dragees. Petit Four miniature Flan pudding, adorned with a sour cherry. good with ice cream Chou à la Crème, filled with caramel custard, covered in milk chocolate and crowned with a candied rosebud. Petit Four Glacé in Espresso, covering Devil's Food cake, with two coffee beans nestling a wafer on top. Chou à la Crème, with vanilla bean custard, garnished with buttercrem daisies. Petit Four strawberry jelly Castella, jersey cream whip filling. Petit Four Glacé, tuxedo-style. Petit Four Glacé in egg custard yellow, with a wild strawberry whip crown. Petit Four Cannelés Bordelais gussied up with notes of rum and vanilla bean. Petit Four Savarin, glazed with a rum syrup, topped with a raspberry nestled in sweetened whipped cream. Chou à la Rose with giant raspberry crown. 

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